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We are all navigators; travelers on our journey between waypoints.  While it is important for us to live for the journey, I am aware that we mark our lives by moments, experiences, and events. As we travel, we gather what we need or believe we need along the way. We collect and accumulate what is important to us, and we decide what is of value and what to believe in.  Every travelor is unique, and while we are all in the same ocean, we live in our own little worlds. Growing up my brother and I had a wall map of the USA that we put pins in to show where we had traveled. It struck me that even though we all lived in the same house, that we were a family, our individual colored pins laid out very separate patterns. In the “Navigators” installation the pins reference how we mark future destinations or standout periods in our past. In my work I use a vocabulary of objects with infered meanings. The rocks are ballast, and refer to things that keep us even and stable in the water. The glass shards are remnants of past conversations and experiences. They are the remains of expressions and ideas that we set forth into the world like messages in a bottle. Left at the mercy and interpretation of the world they are cast into. The aged bottles serve to hold and secure these treasures for us. The boats are us, we are the vessels. Ultimately this piece serves to remind us of ourselves; common in our similarities and exceptional in our differences.